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Here’s a compilation of every interview I’ve done. If you’re an aspiring career musician, these are all worth a read. If I’m forgetting any, let me know! You can also interview me yourself on my page.

Here’s my Reddit AMA

NPR: Composing Game Soundtracks That Move ‘Faster Than Light’ – with Arun Rath, NPR

Show Us Your Rig: FTL composer Ben Prunty – with Cory Banks, PC Gamer

The music of FTL: Faster Than Light – an interview with composer Ben Prunty – with Tyler Wilde, PC Gamer

Video game music composed on a banjo: The man behind FTL’s soundtrack – with Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade Report

Behind the sounds: Hotline Miami and FTL – with David Valjalo, Rock, Paper Shotgun

Interview with Ben Prunty, Composer for FTL: Faster Than Light – Skill Point School

Q&A With Ben Prunty – FTL Soundtrack – with Thomas Ryan, Indie Adventure

Ben Prunty: “Sometimes having a limited palette works to your advantage” – Indie-O-Rama (there’s some translation awkwardness here, but otherwise a good interview.)

Interview with FTL composer Ben Prunty – Cheerful Ghost

Video Interviews!