Praise for FTL

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The FTL soundtrack was nominated for Best Music and Best PC Sound for 2012! Click on the image to vote.

Awards and Nominations for the FTL Soundtrack

Nominated for’s Best Overall Music and Best PC Sound of 2012
“Whether it’s the ethereal, haunting blips in ‘MilkyWay (Explore)’ or the music box lilts of the Engi, Prunty’s work pulls at the heart.”Ryan Clements

Among Kotaku’s Best Video Game Music of 2012
“His work invokes the best soundtracks of the past while conjuring something new, and it fits marvelously with the thoughtful, methodical pace of FTL.”Kirk Hamilton

One of the Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks of 2012 on The Game Scouts
“It’s awe-inspiring, contemplative, and gentle and it has more than earned its place on this list.”Jon Hamlin

One of Complex’s 25 Best Video Game Soundtracks on Bandcamp
“It will have you feeling like you’ve stared into the void of space, and had it look back at you with a challenge.”Justin Amirkhani

One of VentureBeat’s best soundtracks of 2012
“It’s also fantastic listening to both the exploration and battle variants of each song in the game. Afterward, you can also feel the expert sound mixing as you play FTL.”Jasmine Maleficent Rea

One of NeoGAF’s Official Game Soundtracks of the Year 2012
“I love that the soundtrack not only covers the happier, wondrous aspect of exploring a galaxy but that it also has a set of darker tracks for when you’re battling for your life…”NeoGAF user Fjordson