Giant, abandoned, derelict ship fiction

Big-sphereI’m a huge fan of any work of fiction that involves exploring a giant, dark, ancient, empty, creepy ship or vessel of some kind. I have a mind to actually write a short story or novella involving such. These are some of my favorites in this sub-genre that exists in my head:

  • The classic sci-fi horror film Alien
  • Sphere by Michael Crichton
  • The videogame Dead Space
  • The not-amazing-but-pushed-all-the-right-buttons movie Pandorum
  • Epic, mid-budget, occasionally goofy sci-fi horror movie Event Horizon

Other, similar works that aren’t quite on ancient ships but I’m very nearly including them anyway:

  • The TV show Lost – exploring a huge island with an abandoned facility isn’t too far removed from what I like in derelict ship fiction.
  • The completely insane novel House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski – Among other things, the story involves a journalist who discovers a gigantic, pitch-dark labyrinth through a door in his house.

So I enlisted the Twitter-verse and Facebook to find more fiction in this vein and they did not disappoint. Here are some things that look promising in the realm of written fiction:

Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds – The author is an astrophysicist, which could be good or could be terrible.

Star Wars Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber – I haven’t read a Star Wars novel since I was maybe 14, and I avoided this book for a couple of years. However, the premise of some dudes exploring an abandoned Star Destroyer is too good to pass up.

Those are the most promising ones so far. I’ll keep this updated as I find/read new things. Thanks, internet!

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