Here’s what I’ve been up to – New music!

It’s been about a year, so I figure it’s time I wrote another update on what I’ve been up to. Here are my projects!

Star Crawlers

Star Crawlers is a first-person, procedurally-generated RPG. Think Legend of Grimrock, Eye of the Beholder, or Lands of Lore, but on derelict space ships.  It’s coming along nicely. Here’s a track from the game.


It’s a goofy beat-em-up roguelike where you swing your head on a chain and smack enemies with it. It was such a ridiculous premise that I had to sign up. The Kickstarter didn’t do too well, but the team at bitSmith are still committed to it, and I’m making some sweet Danny-Elfman-meets-Zombies-Ate-My-Neighbors-style music for it. Have a listen:

Gravity Ghost

Erin Robinson just announced the release date for Gravity Ghost! January 26th, 2015. You’ll be able to get both the game and the soundtrack on Steam. I’ve been working on this one for a while, and it has some of my most emotive music. I’ve posted one of Erin’s favorite tracks here.

Standalone album – Color Sky

For about a year now I’ve been slowly chipping away at a personal project in my spare time: a dreamy, chill electronica album specifically made for those who like to listen to music while they work. It’s finally nearing completion, so I’m more comfortable actually talking about it. For the first time ever, I’m releasing a track from the album. Enjoy!

UCSC Games & Playable Media

I’m on the advisory board for the UC Santa Cruz Games & Playable Media masters program. The program is headed by Brenda and John Romero. Its very first year of students recently graduated, and following the students’ progress and watching their games to completion was a great experience, and I’m honored and glad I could help. Here’s a picture of everyone; faculty, students, and advisers:


…and Edmund McMillen creepin’ behind the bushes.


In other news, Steve Swink has been quietly working on Scale, and my role in the soundtrack isn’t fully formed yet. I have three other secret projects, one of which is finished (the soundtrack, at least) and the other two haven’t started yet. So I’m busy! Hope you enjoy the music!






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