Influences – Daggerfall: Explore 2

I did an interview for a French podcast where they asked me to talk about a piece of music that influenced me. I thought I would reprint what my answer was and start a new series on the blog. So here’s the first entry of Influences!

I loved Daggerfall as a young teenager. It was my first exposure to the Western RPG and the first truly open-ended game I had ever played. It only barely ran at about 10fps on my awful 60mhz Packard-Bell computer, but I played the hell out of it anyway. I spent many, many hours as Wayrest’s most infamous burglar.

The collective consciousness of the game community has now nearly forgotten Eric Heberling’s wonderfully melodic score for the game, but it deserves better. This track in particular really set my imagination on fire, and you can hear very clearly how it influenced my own work on Gravity Ghost and FTL, with its 8th-note melodic lines. I hope you can find even just a little bit of the wonder still hidden away in this gem.

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